Sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents in 31 European countries in 2017




15 de outubro, 2019


A total of 31 European countries – 30 EU/EEA countries and Switzerland – submitted data on sales or prescriptions (two countries) of antimicrobial veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) to the European Medicines Agency for 2017.

A population correction unit (PCU) is applied as a proxy for the size of the food-producing animal population (including all horses). The main indicator used in the current report to express the sales is milligrams of active ingredient sold per population correction unit – mg/PCU.

A large difference in the sales for 2017, expressed as mg/PCU, was observed between the countries with the highest and lowest sales (range 3.1 to 423.1 mg/PCU); total aggregated sales linked to aggregated PCU for all 31 countries which delivered data in 2017 was 107.0 mg/PCU, while the median was 61.9 mg/PCU.

Of the overall sales of antimicrobials in the 31 countries in 2017, the largest amounts, expressed as mg/PCU, were accounted for by tetracyclines (30.4 %), penicillins (26.9 %) and sulfonamides (9.2 %). Overall, these three classes accounted for 66.5 % of total sales in the 31  ountries.